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High quality and safety standards – Our quality and safety management system according to ISO EN 9001:2015

Since founding of our company in 2001 the issue of quality and safety has got a high priority.

In August of 2004, in order to maintain these high standards even amidst strong growth, we introduced a quality management system based on ISO 9001.

The first certification audit of this new system took place in May of 2005 with the regular recertification of our quality and safety management system until today. The company responsible for carrying out the audit, Bureau Veritas Certification Deutschland GmbH ( then officially confirmed that active forwarding gmbh had fulfilled all the requirements of the certification and thus successfully introduced and implemented an ISO 9001:2015 management system.

To further enhance our overall system, we have now added a safety management aspect. With the 11 March 2011 successfully completed SQAS assessment, we now have the official status of a SQAS Assessed Company acquired.

SQAS stands for Safety and Quality Assessment Systems and the underlying questionnaire with about 400 questions on topics such as quality, health, environment and safety was developed by the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). SQAS is increasingly requested by our customers especially in the chemical industry.

The results can be viewed on the CEFIC homepage of its members. For more information about SQAS / CEFIC go to and

Please feel free to direct any questions about our quality and safety management systems to our QM-Team